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How to Get Rid of Edema (Quick Home Remedies)

What is Edema?

How to get rid of edema
In your healthy body, water is regulated tightly. It may serve as an essential constituent of your body but in excessive amount, it may harm you. Normally, water is found in our blood. The space among cells does not contain free water. When there is an abnormal amount of water found in this space, we called it edema.

What is the cause of edema?

How to get rid of edema
After absorbed in your intestine, water enters your blood and circulates through your body in blood vessels. The blood is pumped by the heart. Proteins in your blood, e.g. albumin, keep water inside the vessel wall. When water reaches the kidney, it will undergo filtration and become urine. Any disturbance in this delicate system will result in excessive amount of water in your beloved body.

1. Heart Problem:

How to get rid of edema
The most common cause of edema is heart problem. This medical condition commonly affects the elderly. In this condition, the heart fails to pump the blood. In this stagnant blood, the pressure builds up. If left untreated, the abominable pressure will force the water component of your blood to cross the vessel wall. The result is edema.

2. Kidney Failure:

how to get rid of edema
The next common cause of edema is kidney failure. In this condition, your body cannot eliminate the water. It results in excessive amount of water in your body. Due to the excessive pressure in vessel, water crosses the vessel wall and accumulates in the space among cells.

3. Lack of Albumin:

How to get rid of edema
Another cause of edema is lack of albumin. Albumin is a protein that holds the water inside the vessel. If your body become deficient in albumin, the water will cross the vessel wall and be deposited among cells.

4. Inflammation:

How to get rid of edema
The last but not the least cause is inflammation. This condition makes holes in your blood vessels, permitting the water crossing the vessel wall, being deposited among your cells and resulting in edema.

The Symptoms of Edema

1. Swelling:
How to get rid of edema
The most common symptoms of edema is swelling of your feet. Typically, this swelling occurs when your feet become dependent after some amount of time, such as sitting or standing for a long time. If you are bed-ridden, the swelling can be found at your buttocks. This swelling will decrease if you elevate the affected limbs, or when you walk. All parts of your body can be affected by edema. Your eyes and genital can be affected too. If all of your body is affected, it is called edema anasarca. When your lung is affected, the condition become much worse. You may find difficulties in breathing. This is a life-threatening emergency.

2. Pitting:

how to get rid of edema
Another common symptom is pitting. When you squeeze the affected part of your body, essentially you displace the water accumulated there, resulting in an indentation that persists after you lift your hand. The indentation will remain for some amount of time.

Remedies for edema

how to get rid of edemaUsually, when you come to doctor, you will receive a bunch of medications. Some of these drugs are hydrochlorothiazide and furosemide. There are some problems with this. The drugs may undermine your body capacity to heal itself. Conversely, sometime the amount of the required drugs become so enormous. In that case, their side effects actually become a burden for your body, leading to vicious cycle. You become sicker.

Remedies Offered by Mother Nature

Why not use the healing capacity of your body? Why not use the herbals found in nature?There are many natural substances that may help you. They are green tea leaf, buchu leaf, juniper berry, parsley, uva ursi leaf, dandelion, hydrangea root, corn silk, and vitamin B1. These amazing herbals have been used in traditional medicine for centuries and their beneficial effect have been proven just recently. Do you that in addition to their diuretic effect, they also contain antioxidants and vitamins for your health? Fascinating, aren’t they?

how to get rid edema
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How To Get Rid of Puffy Eyes (Top 10 Easy Home Remedies)

how to get rid of puffy eyesNow-a-days eye puffiness is one of the common beauty issues especially for beautiful women, and they scared all the time with this health problem. Puffy eyes can be caused by a variety of things like allergies, dehydration, and lack of sleep, fatigue, and plain old aging. This can symptom of increased anxiety, stress, and lack of sleep. For treating puffy under your eyes you can try following these easy steps:

1. Drink Safe Water and Stay Hydratedhow to get rid of puffy eyesWater is another name of Life and natural important element for body hydrate well. Drinks pure and safe water is the most important as always and easiest way to get rid of eye swelling fast and naturally. Everyday taking salt, coffee, and drinks with sugar can cause of dehydration. Drinking safe and pure water is the easiest way to do anytime and anywhere. If your body hydrates well with safe water then puffiness calm down so fast.

You can drink everyday 3-4 liters water for the body well hydrate. It can remove your body toxin and keep you healthy all day long. Remember it, that you have to drink pure water always so confirm it first to drink. And you should avoid to drinks alcohol or similar drinks which causes allergies. You can drink red wine in everyday dinner which is absolutely caring reduce water retention and inflammation.

2. Stainless Steel Cold SpoonsHow to get rid of puffy eyesCold spoons are the most popular and aged way to calm down under eye puffiness and bags. At first you should choose 6-7 stainless steel washed spoons and keep those into the refrigerator minimum 10-12 minutes until enough cold. Now, you will touch the eyes with a little push by the cold spoons when the spoons fully warm. After a while, change old spoons and replace one another with applying the previous process. You can try this home remedy 2-3 days long to remove it naturally.

3. Black, Green and White Tea Bagshow to get rid of puffy eyes
Black, green or white tea bags can relief puffy eyes and they all work naturally. Anti-irritant substances can reduce extreme types of inflammation such as swelling, tenderness, pain, itching, redness etc. First of all, steep tea bags into the hot water at least 5-7 minutes than put it in your eyelids after cool dawn. Keep it at least 8-10 minutes with a soft cotton clothes. And try it 2-3 times a day for 7 days long. After a week you can see fresh and beautiful face looks.

4. Cold Cucumbers with Little PushHow to get rid of puffy eyesPieces cucumbers are the well known vegetables and big specialty of various uses. Pieces cucumbers (enzymes and the astringent) play a positive role to reduce puffiness and inflammation. This is also treated for dark circle under eyes as well. At first, you can take pieces of a cucumber in several than keep these in the refrigerator for 5-6 minutes. After then, take 2 pieces of cucumber and keep on your eyes with a little push when the cucumbers fully warm than change it and replace another set with applying the previous process. After a while wash your face and eyes with cold water for fresh and beautiful looks. You should attempt 3-5 days long to get rid of eyelids by using this useful home remedies.

5. Egg Whites and Mix Slight Witch HazelHow to get rid of puffy eyesEgg whites part use for skin soft free as well. Also prevent eyes bags and dark circles. At first, separate the white part of the egg and mix slight witch hazel which is works as astringent. Then use a soft cotton clothes to use this mixture on your eyes and keep it until dry totally. As minimum 15 minutes keep it on your eyes and then wash your face with soft cold water. In addition, try it daily for 3-5 days and get back your face beauty and gorgeous looks.

6. Potatoes (Anti-inflammatory)How to get rid of puffy eyesPieces Potatoes (anti-inflammatory) play a positive role to reduce puffy from eyes and inflammation. This is also treated for under-eye bags as well. Firstly, pieces a Potatoes in several than keep these in the refrigerator for 5-10 minutes. Keep those cucumbers on your eyes with a little push when the Potatoes fully warm than change it and replace one another with applying the previous process.


  • Everyday drinks enough pure and safe water and juices hydrate your body as always.
  • Sleep well enough at least 6-7 hours in the night and 1and half hours in the day.
  • Eat natural fresh fruits and vegetables in the morning breakfast.
  • Drink a glass of red wine in everyday dinner.
  • Regular 30-35 minutes exercise at least 4 times in a week.
  • Massing face and under eyes part with natural veggies.

7. Massage Eyes and FaceHow to get rid of puffy eyesUnder eyes and face massing can plays an important role to remove dark circles, dark spots, eye bags and puffiness. You can use some natural ingredients and fruit face wash creams or scarabs and apply daily wake up in the morning and before go to sleep. The middle finger can use to massage around the total eye and face. And it’s very useful to reduce puffiness slightly. But you should remember the eyes skin so thin so try it without any pressure.

8. Sleep Better and RestHow to get rid of puffy eyesPuffy eyes and swelling are caused by less sleeping and overnight work. Less sleeping dehydrates your body and makes you weak. For this cause you didn’t sleep well and slowly your eyes are made puffy, bags and swollen. So, you should take care for enough sleeping to night (minimum 6-7 hours) and take some rest in the day (one and half hours at least).

9. Exercise on Regular BasisHow to get rid of puffy eyesExercise is not only good for your body but also remain fit and healthy. Regular 30-35 minutes exercise has also been proven to be the key contributor to extreme long life. Therefore, we recommend that everyone should start a regular exercise routine as this also helps with your circulation which helps flush puffiness, dark circles and bags under your eyes.


  • Try to avoid taking salt, coffee, and drinks with sugar.
  • Don’t take flames hot water when apply tea bags and use soft cotton clothes.
  • Drink less alcohol and similar products which causes inflammation.
  • Don’t apply ice and extremely cold spoons because it can damage your eyes cell.
  • Take care when using cosmetic products or trying a home remedy.
  • If the eyes condition worsens, or if you feeling other symptoms, stop use ASAP and must contact with your physician or dermatologist for the treatment and suggestions.

10. Natural Diuretics and SupplementsHow to get rid of puffy eyesNatural diuretics and water retention dietary supplements works so well to remove eye puffiness and swelling in only 1-3 days. There are so many dietary supplements in the market but very few made by natural ingredients such as Turmeric, Piperine, Hydrangea Root, Green Tea Leaf and Dandelion. So, you can buy #1 pill for puffy eyes, edema, and inflammation at Swell No More. They made a doctor trusted pill and guaranteed removal with naturally and fast. You can take 2-3 pills to remove under eyes bags, swollen ankles and feet with no side effects. For more about natural diuretics you can visit www.swellnomore.com.


So, Anyone can avoid stress, tension to reduce puffy eyes by using these common home remedies. Everyone should follow these natural ways who want to look beautiful and lovely face. Home remedies and natural treatments are always the first option to treat common face and eyes medical issues like puffy or dark circle under eyes.